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Default Re: Flat Screen Televisions LCD vs Plasma

Originally Posted by Jessica H View Post
Flat Screen Televisions LCD vs Plasma

When it comes to flat screen televisions lcd vs plasma seems to be the epic battle. However, many shoppers don’t know the difference. Recently, the cost has come down significantly on both types, making either one more affordable. Now buyers are faced with the questions of ‘lcd vs plasma which is better?’ and ‘what television is best for me?’

Flat Screen Televisions LCD vs Plasma: Which One is Best?

Both televisions offer features and benefits that are distinct. As for which one is ‘best’, it really depends on YOUR situation.

LCD TV’S vs PLASMA TV’S: Plasma Televisions

Although the picture quality of the LCD is said to be sharper, Plasma images offer more realistic colors, and a wider range of colors. As a result, they handle contrast better and produce deeper, darker ‘blacks.’ Plus, they offer a wider viewing angle. If your room doesn’t allow full ‘head on’ viewing, a Plasma would be the better choice. As for life span, LCD’s lighting source can be replaced, giving it longer life. However, most plasma’s still provide a minimum of 30,000 hours (sometimes double that amount). That might not sound like much, but if you watched 10 hours of TV a day for a year it would be over 8 years before any major picture depreciation occurs. So in the battle of flat screen televisions lcd vs plasma, you should pick a plasma if cost is a concern or your viewing area is wide.

LCD TV’S vs PLASMA TV’S: LCD Televisions

LCD’s generally cost anywhere from $200-700 more than plasmas, depending on the make and model. LCDs also have a larger selection of screen sizes and have brighter screens, so if the room has many windows, or other bright lights, LCD televisions are the better choice. In addition, the bulb can be replaced which helps add to the life span of an LCD TV. LCDs are also better for people living at high altitudes because it isn't affected like the gases in plasma. Plus, as far as energy consumption, the LCD is the more efficient of the two. So when selecting your flat screen televisions, lcd vs plasma, LCD is a great option for eco-conscious owners, persons with a lot of windows in the same room, or at high altitudes who don’t mind paying a little more.

Again, either option provides advantages and drawbacks but contact us at We’d be happy to discuss which flat screen televisions lcd vs plasma is right for you.
Some of your information is incorrect or very outdated.

1. The typical half life of a new plasma is 100,000 hours. Much longer than any LCD display panel. (Half life being where the panel displays 1/2 the brightness as when it was new)

2. Plasma TV's do not have a problem with motion blur/smear as LCD displays do.

3. New plasma TV's do not have an altitude problem.

4. Most LCD TV's DO NOT have a replaceable bulb, only ones that have LED back lighting do.

5. The difference in power consumption between LCD and plasma is minimal not great like the marketing companies lead you to believe.

This is just another case of misinformed sales persons touting their wares on this forum. For the misinformation alone I would not purchase from them.
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