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Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful post WES. I am a jazz fan so I think I will give sacd a try. I am hopeful that Blu-ray audio catches on. The way Blu-ray seems to be becoming more mainstream it would be great to have access to a mass market of high quality audio. I am truly enjoying my new av set-up. The new def-tech 7002's sounded so much better than my old speakers that I went out and splurged on high end def tech center channel and surrounds. One good by product of the economic downturn is that retailers are willing to bargain. I purchased all of my speakers at 6th Ave electronics and was able to secure an astounding deal. Even much lower than the best price I found on-line. I too am dismayed by the mp3-ing of music. It is amazing how the general public will spend their time listening to the lowest sound quality available. I just watched a Chris Botti special on PBS that sounded almost like being there in person. It is a shame that people are willing to trade convenience for good audio quality.
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