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Default For the best black levels go with LED backlighting.

Indeed Sony and Samsung are the industry leaders in LCD TV's. The latest innovation in LCD technology is locally dimmable LED backlighting in order to overcome the biggest drawback of LCDs -- poor grey/black levels. Though rather expensive, Samsung's latest 950 series has received excellent reviews:;lst

If price is no object, you might consider Sony's even more expensive LED backlit XBR8 series:

Though I have not compared them myself, these latest generation LCDs are said to rival plasmas in black levels, though there are some side-effects such as haloing. (All LCDs still suffer to some degree from motion blur and poorer viewing angles when compared to plasmas.) Even if you decide to go with a lower-end model, you can't go wrong with either Sony or Samsung in LCDs. (For a plasma, however, I would recommend Panasonic as your best value.)
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