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Talking Re: New Member Here With Another Upgrade Question

I really like the Harman/Kardon receivers. They can compete with about anything in their price range. Mine has HDMI, logic7, EZ set speaker calibration, xm radio, usb for streaming, and a huge and heavy powersupply, that puts out lots of clean power.
The main reason that I keep coming back to harman/kardon is the sound and ease fo use. In my opinion, HK's sound the best,
even better than Onkyo, and Denon, and anything else outthere in the same price range. I have heard the Denon 3806, and the Onkyo 803, and the Yamaha's. I think that the Yamaha's sound close to HK, but HK has more brute power. ( THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION). I talked to a Harman/Kardon rep the other day and he told me that HK is coming out with a new flagship model in about eight months. Can't wait to see that. My next upgrade will probably be seperates since there is really no place to go from where I am at now. I most certainly will be looking at Emotiva and Outlaw. They both have some impressive stuff, at unheard of prices. As far as Bose speakers go, I would not ever buy them for my system, but a lot of people must buy them or Bose would be out of business. I think that anyone that buys Bose, could do much better for their hard earned money. Good luck! By the way, I have Polk Audio RTi10's for my fronts and all Infinity Beta Series for surrounds in a 7.2 configuration.I use a Beta 360 for center.( A huge speaker) They sound great together. Don't forget to use good wire and interconnects, as they are very important to the overall sound of your system.

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