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Default Re: A/V Receiver Cooling

Originally Posted by skerdoba View Post
I'm ramping up to purchase a new A/V Receiver and my research to this point has me leaning towards either the Onkyo TX-NR906 or TX-SR876. However reading reviews and comments in this and other forums I've noted there is almost always a comment about the Onkyos running hot.
Heat is fine as long as you are not melting anything inside, keep 6 inches clearance on top and 3 inches on the side with 6inches in the back and you will be fine.

My seven year old Integra Research made by Onkyo works like a charm and I use it every day at least four hours a day during the week and over 10 hours a day on weekend. This translate to about 13,440 hours of playing RDC7 pre/pro and it is still working like a charm.

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