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Default Re: New Member Here With Another Upgrade Question

Thank you for replying. I was beginning to wonder if I'd get any replies but I can understand those not wanting to read such a long email. I have been reading about the HKs, as well and their ease of use with the quick start guide and such, but don't see many posts here regarding the HKs so I assumed they were a no-go. With your speaker recommendations I take it that you're not high on the old Bose I have. I'd like to try a 6 or 8 speaker system but I'm just not sure where they'd all go in my family room. The Bose sit on top of a custom built in-wall unit. I suppose I could place the 6 or 8 on the empty shelves left by the old stereo pieces. When we bought the Pioneer Plasma we also bought a Toshiba SD-5980 progressive DVD player so I hadn't considered replacing that as well. I read posts and articles for 4 hours last nite and 2 hours this morning. What few brain cells I had are gone.
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