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Default Re: New Member Here With Another Upgrade Question

I personally own an H/K Reciever and in fact, this is my third one and obviously I think very highly of them. I have the AVR 645 which listed for $1499.00, which seems to be out of your price range. For four or five hundred, I think that you could get either the previously mentioned Pioneer 1018 or say a new Yamaha RX-V663 which is a receiver that I think is a very good choice. I have heard nothing but excellent reviews about Yamaha. I would then opt for maybe an OPPO DVD player ( they all have HDMI) and then say a six or eight piece speaker package that includes a subwoofer . There are many very good speaker systems out there for that price. Someone in this forum could probably help you there. (I have all large speakers) that I picked out, and they don't all match. The DVD player would only set you back a few hundred and then if you could fork up about six or eight hundred for the speakers, you would have a dynamite package for under sixteen hundred. Sometimes I wish that I would have done that and been happy, but everyone knows how that goes. I am over eight thousand now and I want more and more. It never ends. I know you should be very happy with what I have suggested, and it does leave the option for you to go in any direction that you may want.
Good Luck and keep us posted with what you do.
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