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Default A/V Receiver Cooling

I'm ramping up to purchase a new A/V Receiver and my research to this point has me leaning towards either the Onkyo TX-NR906 or TX-SR876. However reading reviews and comments in this and other forums I've noted there is almost always a comment about the Onkyos running hot. Which leads me to wonder if any of you have implemented cooling solutions or have seen or know of cooling products, particularly those that sit on top of a receiver (or any hot-running component, not necessarily just the Onkyos). Most of what I've seen on the internet are homebrew solutions that are just PC case fans sitting on top of the A/V component. Perhaps more to the point is I wonder if there is any quantifiable evidence that cooling fans do any good in terms of extending the life of the equipment. I mean, Onkyo in particular is widely admired for their build quality, fit and finish so we can assume some pretty smart engineering types have put a lot of thought and effort into the design of their products. If the heat they generate is really an issue, wouldn't they have engineered a quiet $10 exhaust fan into the case?
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