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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by jagger View Post
I like Kimber very much. speakers (12TC) and interconnects (Hero)...... The Analysis plus & Crystal Cables are very good too. Jagger
I us Kimber as well 8TC did you compare both 8TC and 12TC and what did you think. For a cheapper and better alternative take a look at this

SC-16 Braid: The SC-16 Braid speaker braid is our premier ALL SILVER speaker cabling product and is comprised of 16 strands of Teflon insulated 22 awg solid 99.99% pure silver. Its complex geometry has been designed such that each of the 16 strands contribute to a balanced, round woven braid with signal and return strands traveling in opposite rotational directions throughout the braid. The end result is an amazingly open, articulate, and full range cable free of external shielding requirements that impede the performance of typical speaker cable designs.

5Ft pair speaker cable:

- SC-16 Braid ALL SILVER: $285.00

- Kimber 12TC: 5Ft pair $404
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