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Originally Posted by bluextatic View Post
I bought one of my HDMI cables from, and it seems to be great. & very well built. I bought another one from and it too seems very good. As long as the length of the HDMI cable isn't too long,( say 8 or 10 feet or a little more) there does not seem to be much difference, if you spend less than $15 or spend $1000.00 I saw a comparision somewhere and out of about fourty cables, only one did not pass the signal over about six or eight feet and it was a well known brand, that cost a small fortune. Myself, I read all the HDMI stuff at and bought one of their middle priced cables and am very happy. I would never fall for an expensive cable that promises everything, and yet is no better than a $15 bluejeans or monoprice cable.
I wished I had done my home work before forking $700 on the 50Ft HDMi VizionWare cable that is now kaput after only seven months of use!!! And since the company is bankrupt and has liquidated everything I am stuck with an expensive piece of copper cable!!

I bought a Blujeancable for a 10th of the price and it works great for now Let's see in a year?
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