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Cool Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting

Thanks for the response, Rex, I had done more research and came to the same conclusion. I really wanted the Sammi 67" 750 but CC offered the Mitsubishi 65" for a 'GRAND' less! I know the reviews on the Mits are either great or horrible, but we opted for the extended warranty and ended up with the Mit 65735, a 2 year extended warranty, a great Bello 73" stand and a decent Blu-Ray player, all for under 2 K and we couldn't buy the Sami for that price, here locally. So, I'll be' reviewing' the Mit in a few months and hoping I got a great deal. Thanks for your feedback.
In response to your 'calibration' statement, having read several posts on using 'THX' tests from 'Star Wars' DVD's, an Avia II' disc ,(what is that?) and forking out several hundreds of dollars to an expert, what is your opinion on the best / economical way to get the calibration right? I know Firedog will do it for a buck and a half, do you really think it's necessary with a new tv? Mine is still in the box and my satellite installers arrive in 2 days, so I'll be anxious to see how it looks 'out of the box'! The ones in the showroom were fine and they claim there were no adjustments made. Also, sitting side by side, the 73" Mit was significantly larger than the 67" Sammi, and I thought the pics were equally sharp and vibrant. And the cost diff was peanuts, would have got the 73" if the 65" wasn't priced so low!

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