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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Yes, I agree. Only we audiophiles care right now. So, as Blu-Ray becomes more prominent in the homes of the general public, and they feel secure that Blu-Ray is here to stay, then maybe we can move towards high rez music. But again, it is the record companies, that did such a horrible job before with SACD and DVD-A, that have to make this thing work.

But as Jerry has said, they have not seen the vision. So, we can only hope. Really, do we really think this will happen. When you have, as Dan from Krell let us all know at Sound by Singer that 127 million people bought I-pods, what does that tell you about have people feel about the quality of the sound they are listening to??!! Those that do seem to care somewhat, will go purchase a better pair of headphones, but outside of that.................................... ...

Try this out it might supplant Blu Ray Audio
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