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Default Re: Warning: don't go cheap on HDMI switchers OR cables

Wow I guess you've taken a stand!!
On the avs forums those would be fighting words, first off they hate Monster (& Sony for that matter) & say it's all marketing.
While I agree we are paying for advertising I also believe they make a higher quality cable.
Most of all "they" say "it's a digital signal & unless you have a very long run a cheap cable will work as well as an expensive one".

Most people will agree that analog signals are helped by a higher quality cable (but I ain't spending the $$$$$$ for Valhalla cables!) but most people also believe they have no effect on digital signals.

I've learned to take info from "internet experts" with a grain of salt, everyone seems to have an agenda.
That's why I'm glad this forum was started by people with a lot of experience with high end electronics.

I would like to hear more on HDMI cables since I'm getting ready to go almost all HDMI in my system, I have some inexpensive 24AGV HDMI cables from & am wondering if these might give me problems with HDMI 1.3 sources.
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