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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I was just trying to help you understand the dynamic of how the industry works. It can be quirky sometimes. A real "boys club" and you need to know who is who. Nicoll PR is a big deal in my opinion.

I didn't mean to offend you in any way.

If you are looking for work to do on the forum - there seem to be MANY recent reported posts of actual spam (Cell phone ads etc...) that can easily be deleted. I am sure the readers would like that. My moderator status was taken away from me with no notice so I can't fix the problems anymore. Perhaps you have already deleted them. I am not sure.

Have a great weekend.

No worries, I wasn't offended. I searched the user's other posts and it appeared that all that was getting posted was press releases. While I agree with you that it's great information to have on the site, my concern is that it's not original content.

If you Google the title of this thread here, you'll see that there are a bunch of places where it was posted, meaning that we have duplicate content.
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