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Default Re: Recommendations for a Pre-Amp needed

I am well acquanted with both the Anthem D2 and TGPV, they are both very good pre/pro's. The TGV does offer HDMI switching, which the D1 does not. If you go the D1 route, you will need to budget for an external switcher as Jerry says, not a huge cost but it does add another level of complexity to your theater. I find the D2 (and thereby D1 I assume) to be more user adjustable than the TGV, but on the flip side I have never used a pre/pro as easy to set up and use as the Sunfire.

I have always been a beleiver in system synergy, so LindaE for this reason alone I might sway you more to the TGV as you already seem to be a fan of the Carver (Sunfire) house sound with those amps, and you will get HDMI switching to boot.

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