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Default Re: 42" LCD vs Plasmas

In 42" you can get a Panasonic Viera TH-42PX80U 42-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV from Amazon for $730 delivered, which is a remarkable value. IMO for this size, there is no reason to get a 1080p model (unless you plan on sitting less than 5' from the screen).
Another seller even has them for $450:
Amazon is an authorized dealer and has an excellent return policy. They even pay for the return shipping. I don't know anything about this other outfit; but if they are legit, it has got to be the deal of the century. An excellent choice for that spare bedroom, etc. I wouldn't even consider any other manufacturer for plasmas. Panasonic is the industry leader with the best PQ. Pioneer Kuros are overpriced. Anyway Pioneer doesn't have any in the size you want. You won't regret getting a plasma. Superior blacks, and greys. No motion blur. And superior viewing angles. Better in every way. As rykerabel says most of the supposed drawbacks are non existent on current models. Good luck.

(BTW, Costco has a dumbed-down version (Panasonic THC42HD18) for $699 + tax. It has one less HDMI input, comes in matte instead of high-gloss finish, and lacks digital noise reduction; but it is otherwise identical to the TH42PX80U, just fewer bells and whistles. Costco gives you an extra year warranty; but IMO it is worth the extra $30 to get the standard model. You can always buy an extended warranty if you want one.)

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