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I've got a 50-room hotel with a wide range of guests, from technically smart to not-so-smart, keeping my hotel staff busy just turning on the TV!

Actually, the old tube sets with a single STB (cable set-top-box) work just fine. They are truly idiot-proof. But the 11 rooms we've updated with new flat-screens, HiDef STB's and DVD players (using an auto-input HDMI switch by Octava) are driving us crazy!

Oh, we got the Universal remotes that came with the Motorola STB and properly programmed them. But because of the inherent delay when a TV turns on, or the DVD player boots up, the impatient guests decide they must've pressed the wrong button, not pressed it hard enough, or need to press another button as well. So they press the Power button again, or another component button, and that component(s) toggle OFF again, before they even got to boot up!

HERE'S THE QUESTION: Is there a remote that can be programmed to do NOTHING for a few seconds after the original button-push (locking out any other client input on the button pad) so the components have a chance to boot up?

I've heard a suggestion to put a default screen message on the TV that warns to WAIT for 5 seconds between button selections. But the TV still needs a couple of seconds for THAT to show up.

Any ideas?
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