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Default Re: Nicoll PR is a friend of for over 14 years - NOT spammers

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post

I know you are somewhat new to the world of AV and all of the relationships that are out there. This business is small with many long standing relationships. Nicoll PR is one of them that has always been important to the success of

I want to hip you to the fact that Nicoll PR is one of the single most respected PR firms in the business. They rep B&W, Rotel, Classe', SIM2 projectors, Sonance speakers, Meridian and many other lofty clients. They are A-list without question.

I have personally invited them to post on the forum in the past thus this is not SPAM in any way shape or form. Its long tail for Internet Brands and PR for Nicoll's clients. A win-win. Really a win-win-win because the readers find out about new products as I had never heard of this new client. As you know we ALL need new clients. At my new publication I have 5 new clients signed on for 2009. Its the lifeblood of what we are doing in a world.

I recommend you make friends with John and Lucette Nicoll. They are about the nicest people and most supportive people you will meet in the business. Without them, its hard to get KEY components for review as well as ad support that I BUILT the sites on. Bryan Dailey can give you the number if you want.

All the best!!!!

Thanks for the information. An explanation was all I needed. If I was convinced it was spam, I would have just deleted it.
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