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Analog master tape is INCREDIBLE.

LPs, even on the best systems I have heard (Linn LP12's and Goldmund reference) can not compete with the best in digital ESPECIALLY natice DSD SACDs and top DVD-Audio releases.

The trick to me is having enough digital information to make an "analogus" sound to the real musical event and or the master tape. How does 50 GB sound from a Blu-ray? Should we start a letter writing campaign to Sony Music?

Where I think vinyl is important is in volume of music. You can collect and love music on LP in ways that are far more meaningful. Assuming you can still find a record store near you (Aaron's is gone, Amoeba is gone, The Record Collector is gone - all in LA) the idea of a $2 LP that can sound warm, real and EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING is a REALLY cool idea. Find me 25 SACD and DVD-Audio discs you might want to buy and I would fall over in shock. There just aren't any released. THUS the importance of TOP players from Classe, Meridian and many other companies that have honed the art of CD playback.
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