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Exclamation Warning: don't go cheap on HDMI switchers OR cables

Engineers inside some of the bigger companies in the AV business have suggested to me that another MAJOR factor of HDMI problems is that products don't use the best, most effective chipsets to make their components.

While there is ALWAYS price pressure in the market - you might want to consider buying a better switcher for your system that has dedicated, top of the line chips in it. This way for an extra $100 or so - you get a better chance at making your HDMI work.

I have also personally found that cheapie HDMI cables don't work for you-know-what and that the better cables (Ultralink, Monster, Transparent and Dtrovision) are the best I have tested. Note: I haven't tested them all - just a few but once again - spend a little on these cables to get a more effective soluition in your system.
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