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Default Re: Help - 60" Kuro vs. 55" Samsung 950

I own a Pioneer 60" plasma 1080p Kuro. I have seen the new Samsung 55" and it is a fine HDTV, but for my purposes it doesn't cut it. I have a light controlled environment and often others watch movies, sports events, and programs with me. With almost all LCD's, unless you are sitting directly in front of the screen ("The sweet spot"), the picture rapidly deteriorates the further one gets from the center.

If you watch HDTV in a bright and glary environment a number of LCD's would be a good move. That said, the Samsung has an ultra-reflective and glaring screen. Hence, I wouldn't get the Samsung 950 series for a bright room. Since the Samsung 950 series suffers from "halo-ing" when dark objects are in a bright background and even some flaring when white objects are in a very dark background, I would get the Pioneer. I imagine in a couple of years the LED backlit technology will both get better and come down in price. The superior Sony 55" LED has an MSRP of $7,000. Even with a half decent discount you could get a better picture and overall superior performance from a 60" Pioneer or Pioneer Elite and save some shekels at the same time.

The reason that halo-ing takes place on the Samsung 950 series is due to the fact that there are millions of pixels, but only thousands of LED's. Sony seems to have mostly licked that problem with the use of white LED's, rather than the RGB LED's of the Samsung. And probably also due to the Sony having better software and hardware solutions, but as is usual with Sony, it costs you two grand more in MSRP.

The only real downsides to the Pioneer (besides it too is fairly expensive), is they generate more heat than LCD's, they eat up between 1/4 to 1/3 more electricity, and it weighs about twice as much (although that is just more work at set-up time).

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