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"Are the sacd's worth the extra investment ? "

I would look online for places that sell SACD's and DVD-A's. If you find a lot of these discs that you would like to buy then it might make sense for you to get a good universal player like some from OPPO.

That said, I believe SACD and DVD-A are at a dead end. With the advent of Blu Ray and the superior bandwidth and data capacity, I would think that eventually there will be Blu Ray music discs with either pictures or video information. Hopefully one company will dive in and make a commitment, but I doubt the majority of pop music will make it to the format, or even benefit from the format, as most of it is rather disposable. It would be a good format for both classic and other excellent releases if they are properly mastered without all that overblown and overdriven music that is generaly released on CD's.

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