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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

the Definitive Techs Mythos St has been absolutely brilliant These speakers in some ways neat my Maggi 1.6 setup with Rel sub , that is saying something the imaging is outstanding as well as a almost electrostatic natural of the sound staging
and inner detail , sure the Maggis are a little more of a single wave form ,but not my much and once the Bass loosened up it is lightening fast without No overhang .I love the dual surrounds on the Mid drivers they never expose themself other than play cleanly and the tweeter is one of the sweetest metal done tweeters I have even encountered.I looked for several months and I had a budget of over $6k and ended up with the ST for $3500.Now I know why it is in the leading 2 magazines as one of the best buys out there. I must admit to get the most out f them a solid amplifier is needed ,they are so telling youn hear any garbage down stream.I have the Wyred 4 Sound ST- 250 amp with the Capacitor upgrades and this amp beat my Edge G-4 with mods,for an amp at undr $2k to beat a $5k amp that is well respected is a Great buy in my opinion.The B&O ICE amplifiers have finally struck Gold as a Superb match.
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