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Default Spiderman on a 757 CRT screen

Flying back from Boston and a Boston Acoustics press event - I couldn't bring myself to watch Spiderman 3 on the LAME video screen.

It looked like some of my DVHS tapes (that are now worn out) with SERIOUS flicker on the screen and LOTS of distrotion. PLUS they must have edited the part out where Kirsent Dunst gets naked (wait - that never happned did it).

After working on a Panasonic Projector bid (when are they going to buy with us?) I watched Sopranos on DVD on my 15 inch Mac Book Pro. MAN - that looked good even with the window shade open next to me. I have made it into season 5. I forgot about Loraine the Shylock and how she forgot to kick up to Johnny Sac and got well....
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