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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
The question you have to ask yourself with Neptune is - is the audio difference from HDMI for your movies more impactful than tuning your speakers to your room. My money is - having had every room I have ever owned professionally tuned with EQ - that they EQ will make a bigger difference.

So I am planning to buy Classé SSP-800 would I be better off having it professionally adjusted for my room rather than buying Neptune EQ is what I hear? Yes?

Here is what Classé says about Automatic EQ

"As you know The SSP-800 is a ten-channel preamp/processor, offering both balanced and single-ended connections for all channels. Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is handled by a Texas Instruments-based platform which operates in 64-bit double precision. It uses floating point arithmetic for all audio signal calculations to ensure the most accurate results possible. All bass management filters, level adjustments and parametric filters also benefit from the added precision. To ensure the SSP-800 retains its value and competitive edge, the Classé Design Team has designed the DSP onto a replaceable module to accommodate a planned future upgrade.

Five-band parametric equalization is provided for each of the ten channels to help tune the system to its environment. Classé has elected to offer the system EQ as a manual feature. While several automated systems are available on the market, the complexity of room acoustics guarantees that no automatic system can achieve consistent, optimum results. Our experience is that the best results are obtained by combining measurements with human judgment. The filters used in the EQ are rendered accurately by our processor, which uses floating point arithmetic operating in 64-bit double-precision."

So should I forget automatic EQ and have a pro that is trained come to my home and optimize the system?
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