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Default Re: Flat Screen Televisions LCD vs Plasma

Originally Posted by jojoyeee View Post
Some advantages for Plasma over LCD are: Plasmas have bigger screen size, and with better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks. better color accuracy and saturation. Better motion tracking (little or no motion lag in fast moving images).

LCD television ADVANTAGES over Plasma include:

1. No burn-in of static images.
2. Cooler running temperature.
3. No high altitude use issues.
4. Increased image brightness over Plasma.
5. Longer display life (about 60,000 hours - at which time all you may need to do is replace the light source, not the entire set). This can vary according other environmental and use factors.
6. Lighter weight (when comparing same screen sizes) than Plasma counterparts.

Hope this helps anyway.
1. current panasonic and pioneer plasma do not suffer burn-in.
2. current panasonic and pioneer plasma's run cooler than many LCDs
3. panasonics never had high altitude use issues.
4. current panasonic plasmas are brighter than most LCDs.
5. current panasonic and pioneer plasmas have 100,000 hours or more life
6. some LCDs are heavy too.
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