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Default Re: Turntable shopping.. any help?

Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
It's ironic that we're discussing TT gear with price tags upwards of $10K, and at the same time we go bargain binning for vinyl that sells for an average of $1 each and is rarely pristine. Not that I'm dissing used vinyl, ha ha! But I decided to buy used hardware to match the software. So I bought a 20-year old Harmon-Kardan manual deck, a "slightly-used" Grace F-9 MM cart with several ruby-tipped stylii and a new Parasound preamp. It does sound pretty amazing, and cost less that $600 for all.
I bought a VPI HW16.5 and have been getting great results from $1 records, in fact some sound near perfect after a good cleaning. I try to use the VPI when I first buy them and then just use a carbon fiber brush for touch ups before playing and have been really getting great sound from a lot of my budget buys! Sure, some are roached and unsaveable, but for $1 you have to expect that!
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