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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Do you think "the majority of people" are going to have there home theaters networked or even know how to set up an AppleTV or other download box?
I don't think so.
Until download speeds for "the majority of people" get a lot faster & "the majority of people" get their systems networked downloads will not over take Blu-ray.
Between my family, friends & the people I work with only 2 of us have networked home theaters, that's a pretty small percentage that is even able to download movies.
How are these people going to get firmware upgrades? I'm using a total of 4 ethernet drops for my home theater. One for my Denon 3808ci receiver, one for my Panasonic bluray player, one for AppleTV and one for my VUDU. These firmware upgrades are vital to the ongoing stability of the receiver/player.

My Denon receiver and Panasonic bluray player have both had at least 4 firmware upgrades EACH. I cannot even guess how someone not technically savy enough to setup a simple home network would be capable of updating the firmware on a Denon receiver without access to the WEB. I don't even know that it can be done.

Both the receivers and players nowdays are more like PCs than they are traditional audio components. Afterall, firmware is really software.

You can update the firmware on most players by downloading it to a CD, but it is painfully more difficult than if it can update it's own firmware through the internet.
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