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Default Re: New Panasonic DMP-BD55 for $399

Originally Posted by topshag01 View Post
A three year Circuit City extended warranty is approx $75......yes a rippoff, but I tend to keep stuff for as long as possible. Although, I suppose if a unit lasts a year, the typical mfr warranty, then it usually lasts the technical lifetime of the unit. I've had the Mitsubishi 55 inch Reap Projection since 2001, and I'm reluctant to replace it as it gets a great picture, and it cost me over $3K back then.
Yes I know I bought a Seleco HT300 720p in 2001 for $13K and it died twice once in 2003 I repaired it and again in 2007.

So this time I ditch it and bought a JVC DLA-RS2 1080p for $6000 and it is wonderfull.
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