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Cool Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
+1. I like physical media. Also, I have noticed that a lot of the new movies out on Blu-ray are coming with a "digital copy" for your computer, iPod and iPhone. I have The Incredible Hulk on all 3 devices just because I can.
Yes, that is why the studios stopped Real DVD. They want you to first see the movie in a theater $10/person, then buy the DVD $20.99, the Blu Ray $27.99 and the iPod or amazon download $19.99. Total $80 per movie???? Four version of the same movie not bad repeat business.

I will only buy Blu Ray when they are below $20, I sure hope that Real DVD wins that legal battle. Kaleidescape made it, so it should be a lot easier for the others.

Yes, I know I could download software from the net and not even bother but I am a law obeying citizen and respect that it cost money to make movies. On the other hand I don't want to be taken for a fool!!
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