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Originally Posted by DrPaulsen View Post
TheMoose :

Just out of curiosity -- did you ever end up having any HDMI hand-shake problems (i.e. AV drop outs) between your Sony TV and Denon 3808CI? I have a similar Sony SXRD TV (KDS-50A2000) and am seriously looking at the 3808, but am concerned about running into the same type of video drop-out problems that have been widely reported (cf. Amazon reviews, AVSForum, etc.) with Sony TVs. FWIW, I'll mostly be watching movies via my PS3 and HDA3.
I had zero HDMI problems with my 70" XBR2, I have heard of some dropout problems but it seems real hit & miss.
One guy with model X TV has problems but several others with the same TV has no problems.

If you buy it at a good dealer just tell them if you have any problems you want to return it & you shouldn't have any problems.

If you do buy a 3808ci make sure you download the newest firmware update & the free (to new purchases) firmware upgrade that adds new Audsessy features.
before you run the Audessy setup the first time.

Good luck & let us know how it works out!
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