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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Do you think "the majority of people" are going to have there home theaters networked or even know how to set up an AppleTV or other download box?
Until download speeds for "the majority of people" get a lot faster & "the majority of people" get their systems networked downloads will not over take Blu-ray.
Between my family, friends & the people I work with only 2 of us have networked home theaters, that's a pretty small percentage that is even able to download movies.
You speak of this ability to download a movie or setup of an Apple TV as being difficult. First and foremost just about anybody could setup an Apple TV, its that simple. It has a hardwired network port if you have the ability, it also has built in wireless. Most homes also have wireless. When you choose a movie from the Itunes interface it takes about 30seconds to a minute to put enough of the movie in the pipe to start watching immediately. I have seen it stutter or skip a couple times over the course of a year using it, I suspected at the time a bandwidth bottleneck. Nothing more than a momentary glitch from 2 or 3 in about 100 attempts.

You see most people already have an Ipod and an Itunes Account. So your up and running immediately. This thing is the swiss army knife of video.... it also does so much more than just play movies. Navigate your pictures from a computer on the network, listen to your Itunes Music Collection, Navigate Youtube, Order TV episodes that you may have missed or entire past seasons. Cost you nothing to look, no monthly subscription, only if you choose to buy or rent something.

You have greatly overlooked the Apple Simplicity and think that this is beyond others abilities. Apple is not PRINTING money because they make things difficult to do.... The fact that my clients talk about turning on the Blue Ray Player and going to get a snack before being able to even watch tells me that they could have started watching an Apple TV Movie Quicker. Try one, then make your comparisons for ease of use and simplicity of hookup.
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