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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
The numbers come from

Downloads are coming but they won't take over until the majority of people can download a HD 1080p movie with lossless audio in less than 1 hour (which means they can stream it with no waiting).
With my 3mb DSL it takes me 7 hours to download a 1080i movie with lossy audio.

They have already "taken over", and the "majority of people" really dont care about 1080p and losless audio. The "minority" of people care about this stuff, NOT the "majority". Until you consider this as fact, you will not understand why its going away.

I'm not arguing the technical merits from one to the other, hands down Blue Ray is Superior in so many ways. Please dont bother listing them for me. I sell this stuff, install it, and get it.

Did SACD stay a viable format, NOPE. Not because it was not technically superior. Because the vast majority of people DO NOT CARE. They want convenience, and THAT is exactly what they will have whether we "like" it or not.

Blue Ray will slowly pass away as Apple TV and others like it get "good enough" for coporations to make "serious money".

This is all reminiscent of the Ipod and Itunes with people complaining that this artist was not on board or that artist. The Itunes Revenue Machine is in HIGH gear now. Audio and Video.
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