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Default Re: New Panasonic DMP-BD55 for $399

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Sorry, Amazon sells it for $329 tax free and free shipping. I have the same prblem you do I have a Sony BDP-S550 and an Sony SCD-X777ES SACD player and my pre/pro doesn't have HDMi so for now I can only plug one of them to get multichannel audio !

Soon I am going to upgrade the pre/pro and get one that has HDMi 1.3 so I can plug in using HDMi rather than analogue.

Also Sony SCD-XA5400ES is supposed to be awesome
I'm questioning the Circuit City purchase as they are filing for chapter 11, and I opted for the 3 yr warranty. Although, I heard that warranty issues were more of a pain with Best Buy carries them as well.

Also, here's an exerpt from a review by Sound and Vision which indicates that one can receive 1080i using component video.

"As I watched Transformers on Blu-ray, the BD55ís picture looked remarkably detailed and punchy. In a scene where Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) flips over the handlebars of the girlsí bike heís riding past a prominently placed Burger King, the pink bike and red/orange signage in the background looked vivid and clean. And when the mysterious muscle car thatís been chasing him enters the scene, its yellow body paint displayed a wide range of finely delineated hues. The same scenes viewed in 1080i using the playerís component-video output looked notably softer when compared with HDMI, but thatís often the case with Blu-ray players and other high-def sources."
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