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Default Re: New Panasonic DMP-BD55 for $399

Originally Posted by topshag01 View Post
I just bought the Panasonic DMP-BD55 at Circuit City for $399. I have a Denon 3805 reciever coupled with a Mitsubishi WD55 (1080i max) Rear Projection Wide Screen TV. Both Denon and Mits are non HDMI units so I have everything hooked up thru Component Video and TosLink audio. I'm not sure whether I'm upconverting to 1080i with standard DVD's or whether I'm getting 1080i with Blu Ray Discs either. I'm not inclined to spend another $4K to buy a new HDMI Receiver and TV, but I want to maximize my experience with my existing equipment. Should I hook up the audio via analog instead of TosLink? Any ideas.
Toslink will only give you lossy Dolby Digital & DTS 5.1.
I think you cam get lossless through the analog if it can be processed by the BD55 which it should be able to do.
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