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Default Re: The best sounding DVD-Audio title of all time - Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Secti

No one is going to argue about the musical merits of the Art Pepper recording but unless you think that the audio recording chain has regressed over the past 50 years, there is no doubt that this DVD-Audio disc has less fidelity than a high definition recording made in the past 5 years.

I've been using spectral analysis software to look carefully at the frequency response of various recording (including my own AIX Recordings) and the results are very interesting. The new Mellancamp CODE disc claims to be an "HD" format but since it was recorded on analog tape (and has the hiss to prove it) it should instead be classified as a standard definition product. It has a very limited dynamic range and extends only to around 20 kHz...although there is a frequency around 28 kHz that I take to the the bias frequency leaking through.

Our Laurence Juber - Guitar Noir DVD-Audio disc (which took the CEA "Best High Resolution Surround Disc" of 2005) is a real reference disc and has been lauded in reviews and even in the pages of this web site as a 9.5 out of 10. The dynamic range approaches 115 dB and the frequency analysis extends to above 40 kHz...something that no piece of tape or vinyl can come close to.

It's time to recognize that new HD recordings have the potential to out perform anything done before HD recording technology came on the scene...and this includes the Art Pepper recording. Jerry, it may sound great to you and lots of others...but it simply another standard definition recording.

BTW We are preparing to release 7.1 mixes of out projects on Blu-Ray discs in early 2009. We'll have a new sampler (also with a BD disc) and are finding great success with HD downloads.
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