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Default Re: Most Wanted albums for 5.1 surround re-mixing?

How about some of the other Alan Parsons albums other than Irobot that is already available? I am really disappointed that the 5.1 audio in SACD or DVD audio formats has not been more prolific. Nearly all music stores don't even know what you are talking about when you ask if they have any titles. Usually you get sent to the music DVD section. Has anyone tried the audio only 7.1 blu-ray releases? I purchased a Tchaikovsky audio only Blu Ray, which plays great on my sony brp 301 but will not play on my PS3. I get a message that it is an AVCHD disc and it is invalid. This is the first title that has not fired up on the PS3 on the first try. I am on the newest firmware release too...any thoughts???
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