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Default Re: Wal-Mart giving more shelf space to Blu-Ray

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Once again, all those who bought HD DVD players and HD DVDs still have good players and discs that still work just as well as they did when they bought them. HD DVDs are now ultra cheap and yes, they are still better than standard DVDs. If you need to update firmware on your Toshiba HD DVD player, just call Toshiba and request a disc with the latest firmware for your model. They will mail it to you for free with free postage and you will have it in ~ 2 weeks or less. Please stop telling people their HD DVD players are now essentially useless and they can not use them.
Sure throwing away good money after bad that sounds great, forget HD-DVD and get a blu ray player. What will you do with your HD-DVD discs once your player dies?? Coasters I guess?
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