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Default Re: DirecTV HD DVR:It's your receiver!

Originally Posted by BMW View Post
Well, I contacted directv and was able to get them to send me a new dvr. They told me the newest model is the hr21p, but couldn't guarantee which model would be sent. Today I received a hr22 100. I have not hooked it up yet because my wife wants to watch an already recorded program. Anybody know? is this a better unit than my hr20?
Well, you're in a good position to compare the two. I'd be interested in hearing your report. Call DTV and nicely ask them if you could receive their offer of the five channels of extra HD including the Smithsonian channel for three months free. I don't recall the name of the package, but it's something like HD extended. Then tune in to channel 267 or 255 and set your receiver to 720p and then set it to 1080i and let us all know how it looks. Before you do anything, though, when you first apply power to it, quickly pick up your remote and enter "0,2,4,6,8" when you see the initial message on screen indicating the receiver is booting up. This will force a new software download. It should also make your receiver 1080p capable. Not having a TV that's HD I don't know how to make this the default resolution for the receiver. Maybe just selecting 1080i will me enough and then the on-screen menu will ask you if you want 1080p. I haven't done it so I don't know. You've got the latest and greatest receiver now, though. Let us know how it looks.
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