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Default Re: DTS MA DD TruHD and BDP-S550

Originally Posted by wes View Post
That is the only way to know for sure to what you are listening to
Well, it's the easiest, but not only way. If you know you have your player or transport set to output in LPCM, then you also know when the receiver or pre/pro say MC.

I just got the Denon transport for review for the new magazine I work for;

I'll naturally put in the newest firmware before using it any. I have to say I expect a lot from it as my Sony BDP-S350 that is sub $300 does everything so well functionally, I haven't yet put them into the main rig, but once the Krell Evo 707 comes hopefully late this week or early next I will tear apart the entire rig, ro-do the rack and put them both in and AB them.
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