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Smile Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Originally Posted by aaudioman View Post
I have owned quite a few Audiophile setups which is how I rate the accuracy of a speaker ,as I go to many concerts or Jazz clubs. The Mythos -St is the finest speaker currently on the market for under $6k foroverall balance .
Yes there are speakers such as the bigger Maggi that may be more cohesive in the mids but not my much ,and the Maggi is not as dynamic ,the paradigm sigs are very good I just found the Mythos to be a little smoother and natural sounding ,and the Bass is outstanding. I did put some bigger brass cones under the speaker and I encourage everyone to use the Hifi tuning pure silver fuses - including all the equipment for it is cumulative in inner detail and focus,for compared to a standard steel buzzman fuse the resistance is hundreds of times lower and makes the speaker
that much better all around it makes the amp run easier No more Log jams of resistance, as well as the excellent DH labs power cords these small additions made the bass faster as well as better integration and definition. I am using the New Wyred for sound Ice amplifiers the ST -500 which is as good or better than the Bell Canto 1000s that are $4k this is $1600 with wbt connectors Hifituning fuses and a 20 amp iec connector
and I experimented and found the VooDoo Silver Dragon power cord a outstanding match for the amp .My system beats systems at 2x the cost all day long ,and the Oppo 983 dvd player destroys anything at $1k+ and it is under $400 check it out !
I have the Definitive ST Speakers where do you buy the fuses as i would like to try on my Speakers.
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