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Originally Posted by wes View Post
Which ones do you have and what did you have before, I am looking to get the XP1
Hi Wes I have the XPA2 and the XPA5 . The XPA2 run my 2 fronts and the XPA5 runs the center and the sides and back. The 2 is very powerfull for music and film.The 5 is just as powerfull .They both have plenty of headroom.I have Definitive Mythos ST for the front and Definitive Mythos 10 for the center and Definitive Mythos for sides and the rears.I had a Sunfire Signature 400 watt. as my amp before the Emotiva the 2 and 5 sound even better.The2 is awesome for fronts as i think the XPA1 would be even more powerfull.Please go on their web site to see their line of amps.I think they give the best bang for the dollar and are warr. for 5 years. I will purchase their Processor next as i am going to sell my Integra 9.8 as i do not kike it for MUSIC .Hope you join the EMOTIVA familyas you will love their line of audio gear.
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