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Default Do I need a new receiver?

I currently own an older Denon AVR-3300. I'm moving out my old rear projection TV and moving to a projector/screen setup. I'll be adding Blu-Ray and have all the other standard input sources (CD, PVR, DVD). Do I need to invest in a new receiver with HDMI switching, video scaling, new audio standards (TrueHD, DTS-HD)? Will an external video switcher do the same thing? Do the new Blu-Ray players decode the new audio signals before the receiver? Are the scalars in the receivers likely to be any better than in my projector (InFocus IN83)? I enjoy my theater, appreciate good sound and video but am concerned I may not get much bang for my buck with an expensive new receiver. Are there other things I should consider? Help a confused soul! Thanks!
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