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Default Re: Michael Jackson Thriller - the worst sounding SACD ever?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Tell me all you want, I know it sold more than almost any album in history (I believe the Eagles still hold this 'record') but I never liked his music and couldn't imagine playing this through my system....

I suspect I would need to re-burn in all my components after this just to purge them of this poppy crap!
Hey kenny, why are you so down on Thriller? Not that I am a big Michael Jackson fan. However, I have to give the man his props for this one. And, normally, whatever Quincy Jones touches, turns to gold. Quincy, knows how to conduct and arrange horns, orchestras, and voices.

In fact, I feel, some singers out there, will never reach their peak, because they will not have worked with a giant, in the likes of Quincy, or people like him.
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