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Default Re: DTS MA DD TruHD and BDP-S550

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
LPCM is also uncompressed, as long as your pre/pro or receiver handles 24/192 input, either way the new sony's don't output DTS HD MA as LPCMM, only Dolby TrueHD.
So why have onbord, high res DTS HD MA decoders, if the sound gets compressed back to a "lossy" format? My Denon 3808 receiver obviously displays which format when it is being fed as a bitstream. It will display "DTS-HD" or "Dolby TrueHD".

When fed uncompressed PCM or LPCM, it simply displays "Multi-channel" (or something like that). The bottom line is that I cannot tell if the receiver is getting fed LPCM or Uncompressed PCM.

Wes, look at page 66 of your manual (at least that is the page online). It has a table of how the different audio is output if the player is decoding it.
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