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Default Re: DTS MA DD TruHD and BDP-S550

Originally Posted by wes View Post
- How annoying after you open the tray and put a disc in instead of being able to press play and have the player start you have to actually push close and then play!!!

WOW wes, I have the 350, and that isn't even something I was irked by, maybe mine doesn't do it, maybe I am just oblivious to it as it's in my BR system and I usually just push the tray in....

Originally Posted by wes View Post
unless you have a pre/pro or receivers that can decode Dolby Tru HD and DTS Master Audio it doesn't matter if your player can decode these format you will only get down converted sound to DD and DTS?
I think they mean if it doesn't handle bitstream, you will only get DD or DTS, as the 550 and 350 don't decode DTS HD MA as your current pre/pro doesn't do this (the Classe' 800 WILL)
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