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Default Re: Is DTS Master Cinema worth the investment

Originally Posted by pikuni View Post
If your Bluer ray is decoding the DTS MA why does the receiver/amp have to decode it as it will just play the analog bitstream it is receiving.
This is a common misconception.

Sometimes the layer is listed as decoding the various codecs, meaning that it puts them out as 7.1 analog outputs, sometimes it merely means the player will decode it into LPCM which most anything capable of HDMI 1.1 (with audio, many 1.1 units are video only!) can accept allowing full use of the new codecs. (Oh, BTW this will also assume the player can accept 24/192 input as if it only takes 24/96 as a bunch do, you will not get fully uncompressed audio!)


I know it is complicated and generally stinks, and this is one thing we have all been complaining about, but it is what it si. Thankfully things are getting better!
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