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Default Re: Halcro SSP-200

I have never actually had to pay to get mine upgraded because it kept failing, and Halcro kept replacing it.
The last I heard, it was ~$1500 USD to upgrade it from an SSP-100 to an SSP-200, but that was over a year ago, and now the SSP-220 is available.

Also, from what I heard, the majority of the electronics are changed out to make this upgrade, so if you were to pay to have it done, it would be worth the money.

The best upgrade that I think they have done so far is to add MCPCM decoding (occurred when the SSP-100 was upgraded to an SSP-200) which will let you hear all the new codecs, providing that you have a BR player that can decode them and send them out via MCPCM.
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