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Default Re: Apple TV and iPod touch

I have rented a host of HD movies with great results, and I'm watching it on a 92" projection screen. It's not quite Bluray, but it's not 20+ bucks either. I, now, often rent a movie before I buy it in Bluray.

It's weird, but I bet I have watched 90% of my DVD collection no more than 2 or 3 times. Assuming a Bluray is $20, I could rent it 4 times and still break even. I'm trying to rent now, more than buy. Given my DVD movie watching history, I would should rent 90% of my movies, and buy only 10%.

It makes a very good stance to NOT buy Bluray and rent more, which makes a tough road forward for the format.

I stopped by a local HT dealer that sells Vudu equipment. They have now started offering 1080P functionality, as well as a new HDX format that rivals the quality of Bluray. I watched Ironman on Vudu and Bluray, and I would hate to stake my life on identifying the difference.

I was so impressed that I ordered one. I pick it up this weekend.

I have to think that a physical format like Bluray is destined to be brief stopoff to the download market.
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