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Default Re: recommendations on high end Blue Ray players

I have a Denon 3800BDCI and I got it just to watch movies with it (I dont listen to commentaries and I dont use its 1.1 profile which I guess is PIP feature). I get the best picture with this player (SD and BD). The reason I did not wait for the new Pioneer (09FD), is because most of what you pay for that player is for the analog design which I do not use (I use HDMI).
Realta chip in Denon is 10bit (and has proven to be the best processing chip available) and the one Pioneer will be offering is 16bit (if I'm correct). My TV can handle 8 bits only (I'm gonna upgrade it to the Sharp LCD 10 bit XS1E which will come out soon).

If my TV cannot handle more than 10 bit, then Denon is my best choice. And yesss, the PQ of Denon 3800BDCI is superior to that of PS3.
I personally trust in Realta

Realta's proven preformance:

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